May Supper, 28th May 2014

This annual event was held once again in the United Reformed Church Hall in Elm Lane. This year we tried something different and held an American Supper, everyone brought a dish, savoury or sweet, and their favourite tipple. There were some really mouthwatering offerings. It was a very successful and enjoyable evening, attended by some 20 members, friends and relations.

Quizzing with tea and coffee after the meal Photo by John Scott

Quizzing with tea and coffee after the meal – Photo by John Scott


The feast was followed by a prize winning quiz organized by Biddy and then we chipped in with our own gardening hints.

(i) Plants can’t read so you can use fertilizers etc for things not mentioned on the bottle.

(ii) Plant lilies in raised pots where you are going to be passing so that you can find lily beetles at once.

(iii) If you are going to plant a new tree, choose one that is about 100cm tall as research has shown that small trees establish better than smaller ones. (And they cost less too!).

(iv) Plant trees in square holes rather than round ones so the roots can seek out corners rather than going round and round.

(v) A member reported that they had had 90% germination of seeds using the methods recommended by Brian Kidd at one of our meetings.

(vi) Prune box plants on Derby day.

(vii) Use fruit punnets for sowing seeds.

If you want to shape a tree or shrub, bind a branch going in the direction you want it to go in with a cane. You can remove the cane after about a year. This has worked with a bramley apple tree, a myrtle and a viburnum.

Liam Hutchings, our Chairman, thanked the organising team of Biddy Wylie and all the cooks and helpers, on behalf of the members present for another convivial evening.

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