Island Flora

Speaker: Derrick Donninson-Morgan
30th September
Year: 2015

Some 17 members sat down to listen to the first talk of the current season. The Island turned out to be Madeira. Derrick had a wonderful collection of exotic floral images, including many specimens from the famous Botanic Garden and Quinta Do Palheiro (Blandy’s Gardens)

Cliffs and other wild places revealed the more challenged species that managed to keep a hold on their not too promising environments and the views were stunning!

Derrick’s beautiful photos brought back many happy memories for some of the members who had spent holidays on the island and I’m sure inspired others to venture there, especially in Spring.

I remember very well the Agapanthus lined roads and the flowering Eucalyptus and Mimosa woods, busy with bees and the walks along the flower bordered Levadas.

Agapanthus (African Lilly)



Mimosa (Acacia Dealbata)



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