Taking the ache out of Gardening

Speaker: Sue Thwaites
27th February
Year: 2008

Mrs Sue Thwaites, a specialist holistic therapist, gave us an excellent talk on how to reduce our gardening aches and pains with exercises and relaxation techniques and encouraged her audience to join in. She provided us with a bundle of handouts to illustrate her points and provide background information.

She stressed that gardening is like any other physical activity and it is important for the whole body to be warmed up before starting. Cold muscles will not stretch well when needed, and strains may result.

Sue told us the way to reduce aches and pains when gardening is to do some:Stretching

  • Whole Body stretching exercises
  • Cardiovascular warm ups
  • Stretches to hands and wrists
  • Ankle & foot exercises (Comfortable supportive footwear is also important)

She also encouraged us to ensure we had a good healthy diet including vegetables, carbohydratesGardening and protein, and to remember that posture can affect the amount of aches and pains in the body, so try to maintain a relaxed body.

Sue also told us that a person’s frame of mind can affect stress levels. It is possible to reduce stress by thinking positive happy, thoughts rather than sad negative ones.

Sue then went through a set of exercises with us, for feet, hands and fingers, shoulders, and a whole body stretching exercise. She went on to elaborate on diet requirements for the older person in particular, vitamin supplements and daily fluid intake.

Sue’s talk was much appreciated by her audience and the amount of time she had clearly spent on her presentation was gratefully acknowledged.

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