Recycling & Composting

Speaker: Kelvin Mason
29th October


Octobers talk was on recycling and composting and was given by Mr Kelvin Mason at the Havant Arts Centre venue.

Mr Mason started his talk by giving some statistics for the problems of waste and how much of our domestic waste could be recycled by a variety of methods (approximately 84%). He then gave some innovative ways of using glass jars, plastic bottles and polystyrene sheets in the garden and greenhouse.

The greatest part of the talk was about compost, the benefits, the needs, the how and what to compost and the problems that might occur. He touched on the making of leaf mould, which is a different process from composting.

Mr Mason’s talk made what could have been a rather dry subject interesting and informative and there was a lively question and answer session at the end.

N.B. more details are available by request to Biddy Wylie (02392) 475226

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