Pride of Madeira

Speaker: Gerald Ponting
26th March

Gerald started his talk by putting Madeira into its geographical location and then gave a talk about his last holiday there.

The talk was illustrated by beautiful slides of all the places he had visited, with special reference to the plants, trees and animals that he had seen. The pictures of the gardens that are a special feature of Madeira, the walks in the countryside and the Flower Festival that was held whilst he was there were particularly interesting and often accompanied by local music to enhance the atmosphere.

Echium Candicans - Pride of Madeira

Echium Candicans – Pride of Madeira


One fact that he mentioned (and I for one didn’t know) was that the Bird of Paradise Flower – Strelizia which is related to the Banana plant. He showed photographs of the flowers of both to prove it and the Bird of Paradise flower even produces stumpy fruits that look like tiny bananas.

Strelitzia - Bird of Paradise Flower

Strelitzia – Bird of Paradise Flower

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