The Shady Garden

Speaker: Alan Edmondson
26th September

Alan Edmondson

Alan Edmondson


Alan is a highly experienced and talented horticulturist, former National Mastermind of gardening, past president of the National Primula and Auricula Society, award winning conservationist and regular gardening expert on BBC Radio Solent.

He founded Bowercot Garden Design in 1999 and is available for planting design and horticultural consultation. He lectures countrywide on a range of gardening topics and writes a regular gardening column.

He illustrated his very professional power point presentation with the slides listed below. Some contemporaneous notes are also added. The final slide showed us what to be aiming for!

Slide Title Comments
1. The Peat Garden
2. Tree for Dappled Shade Davidia Involucrata, Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’
3. More Shrubs for Shade Magnolia stellats ‘Centennial’, Crinodendron hookerianum
4. More Shrubs to create Shade Virburnum carlesii, Peris ‘Bert Chandler’
5. Camellias for early Colour Adolphe Audusson, ‘Donation’
6. Rhododendron Species R. augustinii, Rcinnabarium
7. Rhododendron Hybrids R. ‘Hampshire Belle’, R. ‘Catawbiense Grandiflorum’
8. Rhododendron Yakushimanum R. yakushimanum, R. ‘Percy Wiseman’
9. Low growing Perennials Andromeda polifolia alba, Omphloides capp ‘Cherry Ingram’
10. Epimediums E. grandiflorums ‘Lilafee’, E. x perralchicum ‘Wisley’
11. Dwarf Narcissus N. ‘February Gold’, N. ‘Jack Snipe’, N. bulbocodium, N. cyclamineus
12. Woodland Anemones A. nemerosa, A. ranunculoides
13. Lilies Various
14. Shade Lovers Corydalis fumarifolia, Fritillaria camschatensis
15. Cobra Lilies Arisaema nepenthiodes, A. candissimum
16. Erythroniums E. ‘White Beauty’, E. ‘Pagoda’
17. Trillium Species T. albidum, T. Chloropetalum (red form)
18. Dodacatheon Species D. media, D. pulchellum
19. Double Primrose P. ‘Miss Indigo’, P. ‘Ken Dearman’, P. ‘Sue Jervis’
20. Woodland Plants Viola odorata, Campanula trachelium, Polystichum setiferum
21. Hardy Geraniums G. prantense ‘Silver Queen’, G. magnificum, G. sylvaticum album
22. Corydalis Species C. flexuosa, C.elata
23. Gentian Species G. septemfida, G. asclpediadea, G. sino-ornata
24. Primulas for Moist Shade P. prolifera, P. japonica ‘Postford White’, P. pulverulenta
25. Primulas for Partial Shade P. capitata, P. ‘Inverewe’, P. boothii ‘Redpoll’
26. Primula Sieboldii
27. Brunnera Macrophylla B. macrophylla, B. macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’
28. Dicentras D. ‘Stuart Boothman’, D. eximia, D. Formosa
29. Meconopsis Cultivars M. betonicifolia, M. x sheldonii, M. Nepaulensis
30. Unusual Shade Lovers Glaucidium palmatum album, Sanquinaria canadensis fl. pl.
31. Other Plants for Shady Garden Actaea simplex ‘Elistead’, Rosa auriculata, Roscoea cautleiodes
32. Plants for the Shady Garden Hosta cultivars, Helleborus orientalis, Astrantia ‘Hadspen Blood’
33. The End Result

Notes added on the night:


3. Acid soil.
6. Acid soil and check height.
10. Water well year 1.
15. Mark where planted as they die down and are late to emerge following year.
17. Don’t buy cheap ones.
18. Same conditions as hostas.
21. Cut right down after flowering to get a second flush.
24. Divide every 2/3 years or they will go woody.
29. Remove flowers year 1 or they will die

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