Colourful Spring Containers

Speaker: Peter Chivers
28th September


We were very grateful to our speaker this evening Peter Chivers for stepping in to replace Peter Gardner who is ill. Our best wishes for his speedy recovery.

During his talk, Peter discussed the relative merits of different kinds of container, plastic pots and hanging baskets. The subject of compost was also covered, he favours peat based compost but said it is quite hard to find nowadays. He also recommended including fine grit mixed into the compost to improve drainage.

Peter then asked the members if anyone would like to purchase a completed container and one lady said that she would be buying a hanging basket as a birthday present for her daughter.

Peter then prepared the basket by making several holes in the plastic lining with a pair of scissors. They then chose together the bulbs to go in the basket. Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’, crocuses, a grass and some violas.  She was really pleased with the result.

He then planted up a large plastic flower pot with layers of narcissi, daffodils and crocuses with anemone blanda on top. These were put in at different levels in the compost as each type flowers at a different time, so a succession is achieved.

Peter then discussed where to buy bulbs and specialist nurseries were mentioned. This helpful talk/demonstration finished with an interesting question and answer session.

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