Trees & Shrubs for the Small Garden

Speaker: David Stuart
Date: 25th April

Cercis Siliquastrum (Judas Tree)

Cercis Siliquastrum (Judas Tree)


Following training at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, David Stuart was curator of Longstock Park Gardens for 15 years which involved managing the Water Gardens, a sixty acre Arboretum and a commercial nursery. He has won Gold at Chelsea for his garden design, acts as an RHS Judge and is a council member of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens.

He first asked us to think of some examples of trees or shrubs that had short flowering seasons or that had foliage which was on the dull side. Then to imagine our own gardens and what we would like to improve, for example by replacing plants with those that had more flowers or that flowered for a longer period or offered repeat flowering or had interesting foliage.

He suggested that we might wish to use the space available to better effect. Then, to inspire us, he showed us beautiful slides of unusual flowering trees and shrubs and although many were growing in larger gardens he explained that they were easily pruned to a suitable size for smaller individual gardens.

He explained that some were hard to find and rather expensive but well worth the effort. He then gave us useful information on the best place to plant the specimens taking aspect, soil and moisture into consideration and their care and maintenance.

Finally David was pleased to answer questions from a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience who had thoroughly enjoyed his talk.

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