How to grow and care for Clematis

Speaker: Marcus Dancer
Date: 25th September
Year: 2019

Marcus in mid flow

Marcus gave us a very informative talk which showed his wealth of knowledge on the subject of clematis. A good selection of plants was available for purchase and a variety of large colour photographs were handed around to supplement the presentation. Each of the photos showed the flowers of a named variety within a group, with growing information.

He started the evening by explaining that there is a clematis for every site, aspect and soil type.  There are eight groups within the family and with good planning could provide clematis flowers throughout the year.

Some of the key features included:

  • Evergreen clematis flower in the winter/spring, grow to 12 – 15feet, come in many colours and grow well through a host shrub or tree trunk.
  • Montana clematis grow well in light, well-drained soil and can be good for smaller gardens
  • Hybrids have large flowers and grow in slightly wetter soils; come in thousands of varieties in many different colours including blue.
  • Herbaceous clematis grow in a wide range of soils, grow around 5 – 6 feet and some can be used as ground cover.
  • There are even some dwarf varieties that only grow to 12 inches tall.
  • Broughton Bride is an unusual white variety that produces single flowers in the spring followed by double flowers later in the year!
  • How to plant and care for your clematis, this depends a lot on the group it comes from; some need to have the roots buried deeply and for others this is not so important. The reason for deep planting is to avoid problems with clematis wilt. The plants can be cut back to ground level and buds from below the surface will grow back.
  • Tips on pruning to ensure the plant keeps a good shape and flowers well.

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