Shrubs of Distinction
(Varieties prized for flowers, leaves, berries and bark)

Speaker: John Negus
Date: 22nd February
Year: 2017

John Negus (Dip. Hort. Wisley) was trained at Wisley Gardens and Merrist Wood Horticultural colleges and enjoys sharing his passion for gardening and other outdoor pursuits including photography.

Specialising in trees, shrubs and climbers, he lectures regularly, with slides, to gardening clubs, W.I.s and many other societies. He is a member of the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Kent Federations of Judges and Lecturers and is on the R.H.S. list of Speakers.

John on the right in discussion with Liam our Chairman

John’s well illustrated talk successfully involved his audience in a most engaging question and answer way. Firstly discussing any plants of note in our own gardens at the moment and then dividing us up into two groups and asking each group in turn to identify the shrub in his slide.

His talk covered approximately 44 shrubs, some more familiar than others and we also learned that several of our audience are really quite knowledgeable about shrubs! He then enlarged upon each one of them with regard to flowering season, seasonal interest, hardiness, pruning regime etc. A real tour de force.

At the end of his talk he handed out free packets of seed to lucky winners of his impromptu quiz. John is a genial and knowledgeable speaker much appreciated by his audience which went away a good deal wiser.

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